Sins of the Fathers

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Twenty years ago, Rebecca Bennett’s father raped and killed Jack Conroy’s sister. Adopted and her name changed after the tragedy, Becca is desperately searching for her brother, Kevin, who has vanished. He is, as was their father, paranoid schizophrenic, and the string of rapes that is terrorizing the city started only days after he disappeared.

Jack Conroy, Tulsa Police Department detective, is focused with razor sharp intensity on the hunt for the serial rapist whose violence is increasing with every offense. For Jack, it’s personal; he sees his sister’s face in every victim. Aware of Becca only as a trauma therapist, Jack asks her to aid the investigation by working with the original rape survivors. She agrees, and soon her secrets and her life are on the line.

5-star Review from Readers’ Favorite
“Sins of the Fathers was a really good suspense novel. You might think that you have figured out the story, but you will be in for a surprise. Catherine Sue Morgan did a great job in amazing and eloquent language. A really enjoyable novel that must be read!”
~ Rabia Tanveer, reviewer

Excerpt from Sins of the Fathers

Thanks to years of morbid curiosity, of observing from a distance and following his career with a gruesome fascination, Becca recognized Jack Conroy instantly.

Caught, she thought, and her breath jammed up in her throat until she was so lightheaded she had to grab the doorframe to keep her balance.

“This gentleman is here to see you, Becca,” Denise announced. “I was just about to buzz.”

Breathe, she told herself.

He turned and took a step in her direction, slowed, and then took another step. His wide shoulders seemed to take up the whole waiting room, and the last brilliant rays of the sun streaming through the window glinted gold in his hair as he strode toward her, an avenging angel, come to mete out justice. His face was all rough planes and sharp angles, with high cheekbones, thin lips, and a square jaw that might have been chiseled out of stone. She fought the urge to flee, and then it was too late.

“Jack Conroy, Tulsa Police Department, Sex Crimes/Homicide Division.”

His deep voice rolled right through her. She almost said, “I know, for the last nine years, ever since you made detective,” but stopped herself in the nick of time. He closed the distance between them and her professional demeanor kicked in as she automatically shook the hand he extended.

“Rebecca Bennett. How may I help you?”

The texture of his rough palm and calloused fingers simultaneously triggered old fears and a startling, unwanted frisson of awareness.

“May we talk privately?” He tilted his head toward Denise, who watched and listened with open interest. He’d yet to let go of her hand.

“Certainly.” She pivoted, effectively freeing herself from his grasp, and led the way down the short hall to her private office. Though he moved as quietly as a big cat, she could feel his presence behind her. Surreptitiously, she rubbed her still tingling palm over the ribbed corduroy of her black slacks to douse the sensation and then balled her hand into a loose fist.

She left the office door open and seated herself in the chair nearest to it. He claimed the matching chair directly across from her.

“First, I want to tell you that we arrested Mrs. Waverly’s rapist this afternoon.”